Sunday, January 24, 2010

January Rains

As far as I can tell, I've survived - at least for now. We had a rainy week, sometimes heavy. Since there are no rain gutters the rain pours off the roof. There is also very little dirt for the water to drain through and the patios aren't pitched for drainage, so the water pools.

I was watching it pretty closely to see if it was going to come in. It came up the floor level, but I didn't think it would make it in. Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared for the water flowing through the broken stucco into the bedroom.

It happened pretty quickly. I live on the end of a group of four apartments and there's a 10 - 12 ft. space to the next building. The end unit in that building has been flooding - more than once and I was outside surveying the situation. It started raining very heavily and when I checked the patio, it was flooded and my carpet was damp. Fortunately, I had already brought the Shop-Vac in and was ready to suck up the water, so there was minimum wetness.

Since the rain had stopped, and the tide went out, I took my time planning my next step, since rain was still forecast. The manager was out digging a trench between the buildings in an attempt to prevent another flooding episode, and I grabbed a few trash bags of wet dirt, and packed the bags real tight against the wall. I think that did the trick, as later rain didn't come in.

Rains of January 2010

You can see my handiwork, as well as some shoes drying on the line - everything I've worn this week is still wet. Since more rain is scheduled, I'll grab some more dirt and pack it by the other broken stucco.


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