Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Street Decorations

Here's one of those cool boxes that the phone company is installing — and it isn't even a big one. I don't know if this is part of the network upgrade, or, part of the plan to go underground with the utilities on this stretch of road. I've heard people complain that they won't hesitate to install one of these on your property if they want to. And, several cities are blocking the installation.

At least here, they are trying to mask it behind some bushes. I wonder who's going to pay to keep the bushes from growing into the street. Since there's a jr. high school 100 yards past and the school year is about to start, I'm sure it will be nicely decorated real soon.

Where did the picture go? Orange Ave, west edge of Anaheim — looking eastward

It could be easy to feel bad for the property owner. But looking down the sidewalk, I see 4 - 5 shopping carts. The apartment residents use those to transport goods home, and every morning the maintenance guy pushes them off the apartment property to the front of someone else's property.

I always felt that a better use of these green belts would be to clear off the power poles and trees, widen the sidewalk and use it as a bike path. Put a nice dividing stripe between bike and pedestrian, and change the laws so people could ride on the sidewalk. It would be real nice in places like this where the road is not wide enough to support cars and bike, especially when the cars are going an easy 40 - 45 MPH.


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