Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Truck Drivin' Man

If you are familiar with the intersection of Knot St. and Garden Grove Boulevard, you know how busy it is most of the time, especially with the construction on the Garden Grove Freeway.

I was on my way to Fry's to look at LCD computer monitors (bought a Samsung 206bw 20") and I approached the intersection following a pick-up truck. The TDM was making a right onto GGB and was blocked by a couple of cars: the light was red. So the idiot backed up to cut through Harry's Place parking lot. Backed up in traffic. In spite of me and a couple of other people blowing their horns he backed right into me—then sped off through the parking lot. I caught up to him and he was pretty upset that someone was bothering him.

%*!k no, I didn't back into you! Well, why is my fender crushed and why is my paint on your bumper, and why do you have matching scrapes on your fender?

He wasn't happy (and he was in a Big Hurry) but I finally had his info and we were off (was I surprised when he pulled a McGarret?) Less than an hour later, I was discussing the situation with his insurance company rep. When the rep called him to inquire about the accident he said that he wanted to pay but didn't have my number. That's a lie, so I called him and left it again. He didn't call—didn't get my message. Finally, after further discussions with the rep. I called him again and he thought the estimate was high (I had two.) High my ass—it was only $750. For him to buy it, it would have cost him the estimate + $250 risk money. Cash! Bye!

So, the car is in the shop and they should be done by the end of the week. I almost hope that when they pull the fender they find the coagulating arm bracket broken and in need of another $1,000 of repair.


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