Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tree Day

Today is tree day, or one of a few, at the apartment complex I live in.
    The trees, have been sending roots into the plumbing, causing big problems. In the ten years I've been here the roots have always been a problem, but it has become more serious in recent years. It's always easy to guess when the drains will plug - a holiday weekend is just beginning.
    Sometimes when people realize we are on the verge of a clog, everyone flushes at once just to make sure waste comes shooting out one of the clean-outs.
    So that will be changing this week. Nine trees are going and that will ease the problem considerably. Of course, there is a second advantage: the huge roots will stop putting upward pressure on the slab, so my apartment may become less creaky. Actually, a third is the sidewalk will stop lifting.
    So there is a cost to the removal, but the trade-off will be less plumber calls and no more periodic grinding of the sidewalk.
    The cutter is doing a pretty good job. This is a single story building and there is a litttle space between the buildings. The guy has been dropping the branches into the space pretty accurately and there's been only a couple of good thumps on the roof.


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