Thursday, October 1, 2009

Suspendah Extendah

I got the expected phone call other other day (the 26th). The general conversation was about normal — nothing new here – nothing new there.

Eventually the conversation came around to my sewing (it frequently does.) Sewing is not a hobby for me, the only reason I have a sewing machine is boat projects. Since I don't have the boat any more don't use it for much else. Now, I mostly do small clothes repairs and things like that.

But, I have had a little project going. In the mornings when I go out for my exercise, I wear an old pair of pants that aren't good for anything else. The problem is I have trouble keeping them up. A belt is marginal at best, and my last one gave up a couple of weeks ago, so I have been trying suspenders.

The (cheap, of course) suspenders work pretty good, but there are problems. One is they are just slightly too short making my pants too high. My project has been to make the straps a little longer – or some other solution. Extending the straps a little seemed like a lot of work for a little result.

So, my suspender extenders are attached to the pants and just give that little extra length. It didn't take long to put a prototype together. Test time in in the AM.

Back from the test — I would call it successful. Now on to durability testing.

Visible in the picture is one of my earlier sewing efforts. I found that the suspenders liked to slide down my shoulders as I walked, probably aided by the shirt I wear. So, I added straps with Velcro to prevent the straps from spreading. And, as I look at the picture, I am wondering about that piece of cloths hanger that is spreading the pants. Since it was already cut, has it ever been on a fishing expedition?


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