Monday, April 6, 2009

Big Spender

So, I'm starting to recover from some kind of bathroom leak situation by Shop-Vacing the carpet under and behind the couch when I hear the answering machine talking.

OK, just another telemarketer… but wait, it's my credit card issuer. They want to know how I can be in Fountain Valley charging something at almost exactly the same time I'm in Hesperia charging something.

I had just been to the local Fry's, buying $30 of computer parts, so obviously I wasn't up the hill making $300+ purchases.

Scratch that card.

Oh ya, since it doesn't look like a slab leak, the plumber will be here later today or tomorrow. The carpet cleaner was already in the complex drying another tenants carpet, so he came over and pulled the pad in the wet area and started cleaning the carpet. He'll finish is a couple of days if the source of the leak is found and fixed.


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