Monday, March 2, 2009

Was It A Dream?

Earlier I wrote about the difference between dreaming at home and during travel. I've been trying to record some of the basic dream story-lines, but have had limited success.

Most of the problem is the way I sleep. My policy is that once the lights go out, they stay off until the alarm goes off. My experience is that if I wake up during the night and turn a light on, I really wake and have trouble going back to sleep. If I leave the light off, using a small flashlight if necessary, I can usually go back to sleep quickly – almost like the wake-up didn't happen.

I put a digital recorder on the bedside table: I find that using it disturbs the entire sleep process. But, I have recorded a couple.

The other day I had an interesting dreaming–waking-up experience that I didn't have to record. As I was waking up, it was light enough to see the room, and I was stuck between dream and awake. At least one eye was opened and I could see the half-opened closet door, in it's horizontal orientation. But, I was still in the dream. The door fit into the dream as a partially opened book case – an overhead horizontal unit with a door that you see in work-station cubicles.

I was stuck there for some time before I finally woke up. It's a strange experience that I have had before.

Or, maybe the whole thing was a dream.


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