Friday, October 5, 2007


Another week gone by. Not much of a week but at least it's gone. I went over Long Beach to have lunch chat with a friend. It was good to sit and talk about the "old" days.

I've really been having allergy problems this week. It started a week ago just before the rain hit and has been pretty bad since then. I'm hoping the wind changes direction so I can get back to "normal".

I've been working on something I've been telling myself I'd do for some time. I installed PCLinuxOS 2007 on my #5 computer. Up to now it has been running Windows 2000 and was primarily used to check web pages in IE6. But it has a 300+ GB hard drive that's been mostly unused, so I went with the install. If it works out, I might convert all of my computers to this distribution.

I like the ease of install and the nice package manager. I upgraded the video driver and that's my hang-up right now. It's an ancient former-dumpster video card and it is not producing good results with the new driver and the 1680X1050 LCD monitor. I might look at a newer video card at Fry's this weekend, but it will have to be cheap.

As you might tell, I'm stalling and don't have anything to write about and am trying to continue my one-a-week posting.


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