Wednesday, June 13, 2007


    I guess it's time to say my piece about Raines. Raines was a nice little detective story that ran on NBC for seven episodes in the spring. Jeff Goldblum played the main character and the hook was he saw and talked to the deceased victims of crimes he was investigating.
    I think I caught on to one of the main plots before it was revealed - Raines consulted with his former partner, but the partner had been killed in a shoot-out.
    One of the attractive things was the integration of Raines personal situation with the action. That is very unlike some other current crime/detective/CSI shows where the characters personal lives and loves are used as useless filler and do not contribute to the story line.
    Of course, being on NBC means it won't return in the fall. Since the network has Leno maybe the execs don't want to say that they have two good, watchable shows. There are a lot of favorable comments about the show on NBC's program forum and there's even a petition to try to get the show back.
    I'm wondering if things don't need to go further. Here's two potential additional petitions:
  1. Petition NBC to sell Raines to CBS to round out their crime line-up. They have some good, but aging, shows and they have a couple that really suck. Like Numb3rs. Trash that junk and fill the slot with Raines. That's could fulfill the yearly quality goals that I'm sure CBS has.
  2. Petition the FCC to suspend NBC's broadcasting license. The question is: if they make such bad decisions, are they competent to be operating on our airwaves?


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