Monday, July 30, 2007

It Lives - But For How Long?

I was having trouble finding info about the ACP swapmeet, so yesterday I acted like it was on and headed to Santa Ana. I was pretty happy as I was getting close and noticed there were booths set-up. During the May meet there was a lot of talk that it would be the last one; it sounded like Hyperactive wasn't making enough money on it.

It was a little smaller than the past, but, I liked the fact that there was a lot more junk there. In the last few years there were too many vendors selling new hardware that can be obtained cheaper (and with warranty) at Fry's. Sunday's was more back to shops that strip computers that companies are retiring so there was a lot of old low-priced stuff.

I bought a 17" LCD monitor: I've been wanting to replace the old CRT I bought at Goodwill. And, I picked up an old NVidia graphics card to replace the one I salvaged from the dumpster. It's not much newer, but uses the newer drivers so it works a lot better.

I wish I had been better prepared (with more money in my wallet.) When I make the trip in September, I'll be ready.


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