Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lake Elsinore

Here's a picture of Lake Elsinore I took from the overlook turn-out on CA 74—Ortega Highway. That was always an enjoyable ride across from the coast, but the OC side has been widened and motorcycle bumps put in on the centerline (like we'd let those get in our way.) Once crossing the Riverside County line the road is more like the way it was in the past, except the double yellow centerline (even less effective than the bumps.)

I've visited Lake Elsinore while looking for an apartment. I'm definitely moving and since the Orange County and coastal areas are overpriced and over crowded anyplace in the Inland Empire, including the high desert are possible move-to areas. The lake is pretty attractive although it is getting a little crowded out there. I get a lot of warnings about drug activity and other problems, but I always say "and there's not problem here?"

Of course, there are problems with moving away from the coast. Historically, when I am inland I have more allergy problems. The last time I visited I had a severe allergy attack later in the day. I couldn't determine if the problem was there or here at home. I have been having some problems especially during Santa Anas, but I think I am also allergic to some of the local "beautification vegetation". I don't see how I can avoid it and am pretty resigned to some degree of suffering.

I used to go to the Elsinore and other inland areas back in the '70s and I always enjoyed travelling around the desert. Moving out there might get me out from behind the computer again.


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Hells Kitchen Webmaster said...

I moved from Lake Forest to Menifee (about 10 miles east of Lake Elsinore) about 6 years ago. My allergy flare ups are worse, but I take prescription meds for those and it's ok. Other than the heat, it's not bad at all. Things are growing like crazy around here, and it won't be long until this place is like South OC.