Friday, August 31, 2007

Search Continues

Moving remains the top subject for another week. After the failure of one complex to deliver the goods they promised I continued looking in the same area. The opportunities are pretty limited in the target area, but since there are couple of attractive features, I continued looking there.

On Saturday, I finally talked to someone at another place (even businesses are like me — never pickup the phone), and after asking some key questions, said I'll see you Monday. So, out I go only to find that no that's not what they offer. Are the current crop of apartment managers idiots, do they not know what they offer, or are the increasing vacancies causing them to lie to get you in the door?

One of the problems is how to do the search? The local papers are small and don't show much, and there are the apartment-guide or for-rent type publications, but they cover the newer complexes. I've tried driving around the area, but without knowing where to look is a problem. I've been in the Anaheim for 15 years and there are hundreds of apartment complexes here, but other places are more thinly populated.

I've spent a lot of time browsing but a large problem has developed there. The majority of "for-rents" listed there are now houses for sale, either outright or disguised as "equity share." Craigslist is a nice tool when looking for almost anything, but not for apartments.

So, I'm still out there looking. I'm pretty committed to being moved by the end of September or the end of October at the latest.

As I run out of places in my target area, maybe I should start looking further into the desert. And once I do that, what's the difference between Palm Springs and Las Vegas or Tucson?


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