Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunday Routine

I pretty much do the same thing every Sunday morning. Get up, get the paper, throw away everything except Fry's ad and the TV Register, take a short rest and walk down to the swap meet.

Every week I see the same thing. I walk past the AT&T box: there it is with the hedges they installed to try to pretty it up. The box changes appearance weekly, because the local "artists" mark it up, then someone covers the graffiti with a variety of paint.

Then, down past where the grapefruit grow and are sold in the driveway. I wonder what happened this year. There were grapefruit in the back-yard trees, but none were sold.

After that it's the kids playing futball the school yard. Sometimes I field a loose ball and boot it back on to the pitch.

A little further on, I start to angle over to the swap meet: it's in Cypress College's north-west parking lot, and I am on the south-east side. Cutting through the futball field, there's usually an adult match being played. This is where I walk my laps every weekday morning. It's about a half-mile from my apartment, and I do seven laps, then home. The college's "good" futball and baseball fields are on the right side of the picture, behind blue-screened fences, and I'll be going to the left of those to the parking lot.

There is a little variation in where the vendors are set up, but it's usually about the same. This end has some junk. It's mostly old junk, and I suspect a lot of it is from storage units that are unpaid and auctioned off. Moving to the west, there's more junk, but most of it is newer - cloths, furniture, etc. Since I have most of the junk already, I usually don't buy anything. Maybe a small tool, or last week a bicycle chain.

When I've done all I can do, I head home.

This is an odd month and with the end near that means a little variety - ACP swap meet in Santa Ana. I can almost always find a piece of computer junk I need (I'm already making a list.)


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