Friday, May 4, 2007

Changing Wind

After a fairly mild early allergy season in SoCal, I think things are going to change.

After a pretty clear winter, the first season started in March as we had some easterlies. The desert wind always carries things that bother me. Then we went right into flowering tree season so things continued for a few weeks. But, overall it wasn't as bad as some recent year I've had. I was able to keep my sinuses pretty clear and I was able to avoid shooting stuff into my lungs.

But yesterday, I started with the sinus headache and my lungs were not quite clear, although I may be overly sensitive to their condition after a couple of bad years. I wasn't surprised when I checked the weather and found we are on the verge of some Santa Anas.

And this morning the breeze is not strong , but is coming from the east and I can feel the diffference.

Now I've come back to this at 9 AM. It is cold. Not real cold, but cold. It's the kind of cold where I'm saying "is it going to warm up today?" It's strange because normally, this time of year, we associate easterlies with warm temperatures. We'll see.


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