Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's A Myth

MythTv, that is. I've been putting off updating my TV recorder since I haven't been using it much in the off-season. My last post on this subject described the problem with the schedule provider.

Technically, a schedule is not required for recording. I could pick-up the TV section from Sunday's paper and manually enter times for the shows I record. But, it sure makes it easy when you can scroll through a list with program descriptions and click on the ones to record.

Schedules Direct is a non-profit organization that was formed to cover the situation. It provides the listings to free and open source applications that need schedule data and it does it at a reasonable cost.

I needed to upgrade to the latest version of KnoppMyth, the MythTV distribution I use, to utilize the new service, so I pulled out my records from the last install and set to it. I selected the auto-upgrade and before you know it I was up and running: I didn't even need to refer to my records at all. I was all set and watching live TV, but the schedule was not updated, so I went in to the set-up and added my new log-in name and password and it grabbed the data.

Bottom line—I'm up and running and have it scheduled for the week. I've tested with Leno on Monday night and everything looked good. On Saturday, I'll see how it did with the season's crime-drama openers.


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