Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rockin 'n Rollin

Last week's 5.4 earthquake in Chino Hills was interesting. I was in the shower at the time and when it started it sounded and felt like someone drove into the building. Fifteen seconds or so later I was wondering if we we were still shaking; I opened the door and saw the towels swaying on the rack, so I knew it wasn't quite over. But, it did stop and there was no damage done. It was the best one we've had in some time, and I almost believe the scientist's claim that this was a precursor to the "big one".

Judging by the shake map everyone felt it and the reports are it was even felt in Las Vegas. Things might be settling down—maybe.

My most interesting earthquake memory is from the 80's when I was on a job assignment in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba: it was still a US Naval Station in those days. I lived in the mainside BOQ which was located at the top of a hill—not the very top, of course, as the Chief's club was up there. Anyway, I was up watching TV at 1:00 or 2:00 AM and I heard a loud rumbling. I thought it was a strange time for the Marines to be driving their tanks on the road, but a few seconds later I was jerked back and forth by an earthquake. I think that's the only one experienced in the six years I was there.


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Anonymous said...

You are awesome! Thanks for answering my question and fixing my blog. Glad no damage from that earthquake - we have a bunch of family that lives near you that felt it, too.

Thanks so much!!!!