Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Salem Winter

Every year while I'm in Salem I try to capture some local winter scenes. Usually, the weather is not favorable and I don't get the shots I want. Well OK, sometimes I'm shivering so bad that the images aren't quite clear. This year I think I'm grabbing a few good ones. Of course, they have to be water scenes, since snowy trees can be captured anywhere, even in SoCal.

These are from Salem Willows and Winter Island, the site of Fort Pickering, which dates from the 1700's, some hangings in 1800, and later the US Coast Guard station. In the 50's there were aircraft based here and they water taxied out to the in-harbor runway. The Coast Guard left in 1969: much of the old fort survives.

Looking out towards the islands, there's a few empty moorings and not much else. I'm sure there's a lobster boat somewhere out there.

Salem Harbor—naked without moored boats. Forest River is on the left and Pickering Wharf on the right, behind the crane.

Looking from Salem Willows towards Beverly. All of the boats are shrink-wrapped for the winter.


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