Friday, September 21, 2007

No Post

What happened this week? That's right - that's the question.

Here it is Friday and I missed yesterday's deadline for posting. Am I surprised it happened? No! When I started I didn't know what I was blogging about, so in some ways it amazing that I could get at least one post out a week since then. As you might guess, this is more about not breaking the string than it is actually telling a story.

So, what happened this week that caused me to not post? I don't know — it was a week much like others. I sat at the computer quite a bit and looked through Blogger Help Group for interesting questions. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm just wasting time there. Many replies, not just mine, contain a lot of good to-the-point information that in many cases is ignored or at least there's no sign that is was read and tried. I mean people ask how to do something, they get instructions, and if I check their blog later, the advice is not employed and the blog still looks like crap. Do the askers not check back? Do they not understand the advice and are afraid to pursue further?

There's something I often wonder about. While there are quite a few bloggers that are my age, there are also many that are of the various "tech-savvy" generations. What does tech-savvy mean? You can type with your thumbs? You know how to turn an MP3 player on and off? Or, does it mean that you don't know how anything works and will live your life not knowing because if you can't push a button to make it happen you're just not interested?

I've also been trying to get the BMW running again — and I'm thinking I should have taken it to the breaker rather than waste more money. Yes, during its operational life it has been painfully expensive to maintain. Leaking, on-road breakdowns, yearly batteries so the ABS works, one thing after another. Now the fuel pump is bad. How much should it cost to repair? Is $500+ reasonable? And after that, what?

I'm still looking for an apartment. I didn't do much this week, but I have an eye on a couple of places on craigslist. I have to get over the sinus problems I usually have when I go inland, although I am not allergy-free here either.


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